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Additional Services Offered

Cafeteria Plans

  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • Premium Only Plans (POP), IRS Section 125

COBRA Servies

  • Cal Cobra
  • Federal Cobra

Payroll Services

Company Health and Wellness Program

  • Wellness program designed for small to mid-sized companies
  • Customizable to your Employees needs
  • Engage employees to identify their health risks and encourage a willingness to change

Wellness Program includes:

  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Lab and Biometric Health Screenings
  • Customized Communications
  • Employer Aggregate Outcome Reporting
  • Information on grant funding for Employers with less than 100 Employees

Ask us about how we can set up:

  • No Cost Federal Cobra Administration
  • No Cost IRS Section 125 (POP) plans
  • Possible discounts on your payroll services
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